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Here’s a little sneak peek into how our free weekly workshops happen!

Here’s a little sneak peek into how our free weekly workshops happen!

We offer only the best & high quality products

Your trusted source of superior heat-printing equipment, consumables and supplies. We carry industrial-grade Digital Heat Press Machines, Vinyl Cutters & Plotters, High Resolution Printers, Heat Transfer Paper & Vinyls, Print Supplies and Consumables and many more. We offer the best price for personalized digital printing machines in the Philippines.

EPSON Commercial & Industrial Printers

Better Performance. More Profit.

How do you reinvent the dye-sublimation transfer printer? You start by specially designing, from the ground up, every component to work together as one system – from the print head and ink technology, to the printer engine and software. The result? A high-performance dye-sublimation transfer printer designed with extreme reliability for true industrial-level production.

Engineered for extremely high production, our PrecisionCore TFP Print Head was optimized specifically for dependable high-performance in our SureColor F-Series dye-sublimation printers.

Tees and Prints is an authorized Commercial and Industrial Partner of EPSON Philippines.

Commercial & Industrial Grade Heat Press Machines

“The increase demand for dye sublimation print is driving the development of larger presses, these will help transform the value proposition of dye sublimation prints from samples and short runs to let it challenge analogue processes, like screen and gravure, in longer bulk production runs of multiple thousands of linear metres.”

MaxArmour ® Large Format Fabric Press, exclusively distributed by Tees and Prints meets the basic large format printing requirement for sports and fashion wear. The increase in dye sublimation printing is part of the broader rise of digital inkjet systems in the textile trade.In its new report the Future of Dye Sublimation Printing to 2021, Smithers Pira tracks the increased use of this technology across key end-use segments – signage, technical, household, and garments. The data shows strong year-on-year growth in the amount of material printed – 18.4% – across the next five years.

Heavy Duty Heat Presses

Whether you’re new to the digital printing industry, looking for your first large format heat press, replacing your existing press with an upgraded model, or expanding to increase your business’s production capacity and efficiency, you need to know the important details to look for in a high-quality heat press.

Essentials like the type of press, consistent temperature with continuous use, even distribution of pressure, to innovations like upgraded circuit boards, emergency stop functions, and warranty and support.

At Tees and Prints it is our priority to educate you about the functionality and features of the latest heat presses that we have to offer. And with every purchase, you get free hands-on training using the same machine you bought, so you’re guaranteed a working unit when you leave the office.

Commercial & Industry Standard Cutters & Plotters

A Vinyl Cutter & Plotter (sometimes known as a cutting plotter or vinyl sign cutter) is generally used by t-shirt designers, arts & crafts hobbyists, and professional poster and billboard sign-making businesses to produce weather-resistant signs, posters, and billboards using self-colored adhesive-backed vinyl film that has a removable paper backing material.

Tees and Prints carry only the sturdiest cutters and plotters in the industry, from starter machines to large format cutters, capable of cutting even craft foam, leather, and heavier substrates.

Sublimation Polyester Fabrics Manufacturing

Dye sublimation is is the method of applying an image to specially coated products and polyester based materials, using a combination of sublimation ink, heat and pressure. Tees and Prints’ High Performance TexStyle™ Graphic Fabrics are optimized specifically for sports & performance wear, fashion wear, interior design and soft signage. By taking the time initially to understand which tools will work best for your requirement and market, you’ll reach perfection with the product you’d like to offer more quickly and successfully.

Our TexStyle Fabrics are 100% manufactured in the Philippines that is fueled by customer demand and enabled by modern technology. We accept fabric customization in sports & performance apparel to all our consumers, local and abroad; and that our continuous supply guarantees you high quality and fast delivery.


Screen Printing Supplies

Screen Printing is the process of using a mesh-based stencil to apply ink onto a substrate, whether it be T-shirts, posters, stickers, vinyl, wood, or other material.

Screen Printing process is the most cost efficient and versatile. It is versatile because you can print on almost any surface, from paper and plastic to garments. Tees and Prints Screen Printing Supplies guarantees you with high quality Screen Printing Rotary, Plastisol and Water-based paints, screen mesh, emulsion ,squeegees, frames, films and other essential materials in achieving affordable and quality screen printing production.

Cricut®. Get It Right the First Time. And Every Time.

The crafting collection that’s as ambitious as you are! Tumble into a creative wonderland with the Cricut Explore, where masters, beginners and curious minds alike can create crafts with ease. From tracing paper to vinyl, the Cricut blades and pens are no shrinking lilies.

If you’re new to customized crafts, have no fear with the gorgeous Cricut cartridges, tailored to fit a wide range of needs, from iron-on motifs to cool paper patterns.

Plus, at Tees and Prints we will train you to maximize the value you get from our Cricut machines.


Neenah Papers : 3G Opaque and JetPro SoftStretch

Performance-Driven Distinction

Neenah Performance Materials is a leader in delivering high performance products, offering outstanding durability, printability, conformability, appearance, and other distinct attributes. Our team delivers best-in-class research, technology, and problem solving capabilities.

JET-PRO® Soft Stretch Heat Transfer Paper produces soft, supple yet vibrant and wash-durable ink jet-printed transfers to white and light colored cotton, cotton/poly blends and 100% poly fabrics.

3G JET-OPAQUE® Heat Transfer Papers produces vibrant and wash-durable ink jet-printed transfers onto dark colored cotton, cotton/poly blends and 100% poly fabrics.

With the lowest prices in the market, our clients are constantly reserving their stacks for future projects, and we make it a point to always have transfer papers on-hand.


WunderBoard HD Photo Panel

WunderBoard aluminium sublimation panels are designed to showcase fine, high-definition photo prints with the most brilliant colors, highest dynamic range, and best contrasts of all available printing technologies. In contrast to normal direct flatbed printing on composite materials, WunderBoard is a sublimation board, hence, the photos are transferred through a printed transfer paper in a heat press.

The sublimation transfer results on WunderBoard sublimation panels are not only brilliant and of outstanding color depth, but also highly durable and hard wearing. Get yours now only at Tees and Prints.

WunderBoard Philippines


Heavy Duty Dual True-Digital Mug Press

A mug press is an electric machine that allows the user to print images onto ceramic coffee mugs. A cylindrical press holds the mug in place while the press applies high, even heat to the surface of the mug, thereby transferring an image to the mug surface. Most presses can accommodate a variety of mug sizes.

Our latest released MaxArmour™ Dual HD Mug Press Machine , constructed and engineered for mass production is your ultimate equipment for high volume dye sublimation printing requirements. With its unique Dual HD Heating Element, Dual Pressure Adjustment and the latest GY-04 True Digital Timer, our MaxArmour™ Dual HD Mug Press Machine your perfect choice.

High Resolution Desktop Printers – Sublimation, Pigment and UV Dye Inks

Tees and Prints offer the best brands with print output that includes more dots of ink or toner within each square inch output – and – truer color values and hues due to the greater amount of color information stored in the high resolution image or artwork file. From Desktop, A3 and up to Large Format Printers, we have them.

We only offer the best brands there is and our priority is to cover print head costs, high quality output, high transfer rate and at an affordable price. Our brands Hansol DPS® and VibraColor® are specifically formulated for the majority of desktop printers to achieve excellent quality color management.

Large Format Printers and Cutters

I.D and Badge Maker

Make your own ID card, press pass, name tag or any other kind of identification. Print it out, laminate it, wear it with pride! Make any kind of identification easily in just a few seconds. Our ID and Badge Maker Machine is the same as the plastic used for some credit cards, school and corporate id's and has the advantages of durability, low cost and lightweight, and printing on it is easy with the right equipment.

Print Supplies & Consumables

We carry most if not all of your printing needs. We offer you the best in Personalized Digital Printing Business machines and equipment. We have an ever-expanding line-up of choices, spare parts and more.



print service cheap mura manila
print service cheap mura manila

Help & Support

Tees and Prints have a dedicated technical support team always ready to help you. If you have any questions or need help using our products, we are available Monday to Sunday to assist you through phone, chat or email. We also have remote-access technical support and remote training so no matter where you are, we will be able to guide you through your dilemma.

Expert Repair Service

Although our heat presses, cutters & plotters and other machines are built to the highest standards, they will occasionally need some tender loving care. At Tees and Prints, we offer a full in-house servicing and repair service. As we sell heat presses, cutters & plotters and other machines, we also stock all parts and can ensure a fast, efficient and reliable service carried out by our fully qualified service personnel.

Quality Print Service

Tees and Prints also accepts printing jobs no matter how big your project is. It is part of our commitment to providing superior quality products & service.

You will get real value for your money thanks to our high standards and quality machines. We understand your need for high-quality promotional prints to help your business increase its corporate branding and identity.

We have the skills, experience and equipment that enables us to deliver.

World Class Brands We Offer

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