Tees and Prints Business Solutions


Tees and Prints™ is an experienced and dedicated company of friendly people, here to help you fuel your hobby, start your printing company, or advance your existing company.

Our business formula is simple; make a killer product that is top quality and durable, offer heat presses at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, ship fast and offer remote support service, taking you miles ahead in the print industry!

Our products and services are efficient, user-friendly, and durable. Even if you have never used a heat press before, our products are surprisingly easy to get accustomed to.


Along with this, we offer FREE TRAINING! That's what professionalism and partnership is! We value your business!

Our supply chain is virtually seamless, as we employ professionals in distribution, as well as working closely with packaging and shipping experts to ensure quick and well orchestrated deliveries. All of our items are kept in stock, ready to move, so you can finish your projects fast!

We know that great relationships lead to good business.
We welcome you to call us and tell us about your next project. We will be happy to suggest ways that we can help!

We know that in the end, if we provide you with good, solid information on how to achieve your goals - we are certain you'll come back for more! Just look at how happy our previous clients are!

Pete’s Business Journey

Watch our animation below to see how a good business solution can turn a start-up from boring to exciting!