Altus CutLite Review Philippines


Altus CutLite is the latest addition to our line of our Trusted Cutter Plotter brands. Altus CutLite Series is considered as a high quality yet affordable choice for professional sign and personalised apparels.With its remastered cutting speed and upgraded cutting force, CutLite is a perfect tool for a variety of cutting and plotting applications from Rubberized Heat Applied Vinyls for Fabrics, Indoor / Outdoor Stickers, card stocks, heat transfer papers, Twill, hot melt and many more.

Altus CutLite has more advanced features for cutting and for print & cut function on contour cutting. Cutlite has a lot of useful functions that other cutting plotters available in local market don’t have. Cutlite with its exclusive AnyCut Contour Cutting Software has a Negative Pressure System – essential in pre pressing and actual contour cutting. Its Speed-Weed function makes it very easy to manipulate for your weeding style that makes your work faster. With its advanced blade compensation and advanced artwork function exclusively for Altus CutLite, it seems like you are using a high end industrial type cutting plotter but more than half of its price. The Altus Cutlite still has a Stepper Motor just like its counterparts on the same price range but now it is more advanced or upgraded compared to other models.  Unlike cutters used for heavy industrial standard cutting like Graphtec and Mimaki, both are using a Servo Motor. Altus Cutlite is best for entry level or start up business in stickers, signs and t-shirt personalised business or for heavy users such as Personalized Sign and Car Stickers. Altus CutLite  has a Print & Cut Function ( Cutting Only) for printed stickers and thermal transfer films and make it very easy to use as it has a Contour Cutting Wizard. Even first time users wont have any trouble operating this machine.

Altus CutLite is compatible to cut on printed stickers as shown on a video below. After printing using our Mimaki Solvent Printer  CJV30-130 we then send our printed design on our Altus CutLite for the contour cutting function. We did not encounter any technical issues or compatibility problems with transferring the printed design on our CutLite and AnyCut Software. We are able to cut accurately on our printed Altus Printable Vinyl and Stahls Basic Print Printable Vinyl.We also tested our Altus CutLite on several large format printers and we did not encounter any problems as well.

Cutting Functions

Altus CutLite has a newer version of Stepper Motor and Motherboard. It has 40% less noise while cutting and its cutting speed is increased up to 60%. It has a hybrid version of cutting motor that makes it downward cutting force stronger. Cutting on a Stahls’ 500 3D silicone is easy and is comparable to high end cutters. Compared to other brands, Altus CutLite can accurately cut smaller fonts on heat transfer papers and rubberised heat thermal films. With its high speed functions plus advanced blade compensation feature, you can never go wrong with Altus CutLite.

Parts Availability

Altus CutLite has a very basic design. It has almost the same parts with our previous brands from its rollers, blade holders, cutting strips, roller locks, control panel and stand. It has a newer version of motherboard as well as new version or stepper motor but its main function are almost identical with other brands and types of cutters we previously sold. Repair and Maintenance for the CutLite will not be a huge factor to anyone who wish to invest on this machine. All parts are can be replaced and or repaired anytime by our electrician. We can conclude that this machine is not a disposable unit compared to other brands on the same price range. Altus CutLite has a 1 year warranty for parts and service and has parts that can be repaired.

Bundled Software

Upgraded Version Altus CutLite® has the best software to work with. Our software, bundled with the package was designed and made by one of the most trusted software designer for cutters – SignMaster based in USA. It has the most advanced basic software that comes as a package when you purchase our cutter plotter. Below are just the few new features of our new CutLite Cutter Plotter. 

Negative Pressure System
Speed-Weed (Easy Weed)
Pre-Flight Preview WYSIWYG
Advanced Blade Compensation
On-Screen Digitizing
Advanced ArtWork Selection
Curve Shaping Tools
Contour Cutting Wizard
Calibrate Wizard
Limited Stocks Only
Free Hands on Training (Basic – Advanced)
Remote Access Technical Support & Tutorial

Altus CutLite has been thoroughly tested on Windows Operating System : Windows 7 32/64 Bit – Windows 8 32/64 Bit and Windows 10.

Overall our new Altus CutLite is a wise and perfect investment for start up or for your business expansion. With its Package Price SRP of P18,000.00, comes with a floor stand with double, software, freebies, hands on training and remote access technical support,  you can now start and enjoy cutting personalised stickers for cars and vinyls for t-shirts. It is very easy to use (User Friendly Interface) and has a wide range of advanced functions for heavy users which you would love.

Making T-shirt designs, decals, stickers using our new Altus CutLite® Cutter and Plotter can never be fun and easy. You’ll find Contour Cutting fast, accurate and easy using our exclusive software – AnyCut® by SignMaster.The AnyCut® Contour Cutting Wizard will quickly guide you through the whole process for very accurate Contour Cutting on stickers, papers, printed heat transfer papers, printed PU and PVC Films for shirts, card stocks and a lot more!!!

Choose from 24″ or 48″ Altus CutLite® Cutter / Plotter Powered by ANYCUT® of SignMaster. It comes with a floor stand, software and freebies. We conduct free hands on training (editing – production) and 2GB of ready to cut designs in .eps format (Popular Brands)