Digital Printing Workshop – December 2018

At Tees and Prints, we pride ourselves in giving unbeatable after sales support. So to close the year off, we wanted to give back to the industry by holding a free workshop on digital printing. Held on December 8. 2018 at our new office, we welcomed the attendees with big smiles free button pins, and free materials upon registration.


Heading the workshop was our Account Manager from TeePee, Charlie, and our senior Sales Executive, Jermie. Combined, they have about a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, and started off the workshop with a few introductory videos prepared by our marketing team. Once everyone was settled, Jermie began to discuss the different processes of digital printing and the workshop was underway.




The pair began the discussion with a brief history of the company and its contributions to the industry. Detailed in the workshop were the key differences of silk screen printing and the different processes of digital printing, each bearing their own pros and cons. In the photo on the left, Jermie is seen holding a binder full of our vinyl samples, eager to explain the differences of each one.

Pictured below are the attendees participating in every aspect of digital printing, from peeling vinyl to using our Max Armour Predator heat press to press their own samples. Our Max Armour Dual Station Mug Press was also featured, as there is always a market for custom, sublimated mugs, which the Dual Station Mug Press can handle with ease.

The attendees left a lot of positive reviews and praise for the company, but our biggest joy came from knowing that those who participated in this term’s workshop were granted knowledge of how to build their future businesses. Despite the tight fit to accommodate the large number of guests, each participant was happy to be given the chance to try the machines out for themselves, and take home their free samples and guides.


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