Eco White Sublimation Paper – Best in the Philippines

EcoWhite Large Format Sublimation Paper Philippines Eco White Sublimation Rolls Our EcoWhite Sublimation Rolls is best for all types of sublimation printers. With its high transfer rate, fast dry and eco friendly components makes it our best seller premium sublimation paper. Majority of our clients are exporters of printed Sports Uniforms such as jerseys for […]

Stahls’ Basic Print Printable Vinyl PolyUrethane (PU)

Stahls Basic Print Philippines is now available for all your Print and Cut Requirements. Stahls Basic Print is your best companion on producing vivid and vibrant output, with a very soft hand feel. Stahls Basic Print is compatible on any Solvent on Eco Solvent Printer. You can cut your printed design using our Altus Cutlite Cutter […]

Stahls SuperTek Opaque Philippines

Stahls SuperTek Opaque Philippines CAD-COLOR® SUPERTEK OPAQUE HIGH-STRETCH, PRINTABLE POLYURETHANE FILM WITH PATENTED STIX² ™ ADHESIVE. STICKS TO ANYTHING!! Stahls SuperTek Opaque Philippines *SuperTEK™* Opaque offers ultra-soft handle, with a lightweight feel. Fast and flexible heat application removes the chance of any heat press marks.  At last, a printable white film with powerful adhesve: Thanks to […]

Stahls Silicone 3D 500 Philippines

Stahls Silicone 3D 500 Philippines Stahls Cad-Cut – Silicone 3D 500 Philippines The “Silicone 3D-500” is 500 microns thick and is a durable silicone material with a matte finish and soft touch. This unique 3D look enhances any fashion wear. Recommended Fabrics 100% cotton 100% polyester* Poly/cotton blends. You should always test cut prior to […]

Foteco Screen Emulsion Philippines

Foteco Screen Emulsion Philippines FOTEC is a brand of Saati focused on screenprinting chemicals. The range of products includes all screen process stencil materials: emulsions and capillary films, computer-to-screen emulsions, all chemicals for mesh preparation, stencil and ghost image removal, and even for “old style” technicians FOTEC presents masking and hand-cut films. High quality standards […]