Selling Your Business To Schools And Universities

Have you ever thought to market the many schools and universities in the Philippines? Have you tried contacting your local schools or even your own alma mater? If you answered no to the above questions, well, you’re not alone. Sadly, very few people in the digital printing  business sell to schools and universities because they […]

Attending Trade Shows in the Philippines

At one point in time or another, you’re going to end up on the showroom floor of a trade show. It’s going to be scary and nerve-racking for sure. But look at it from a different perspective and you’ll see that it’s actually very beneficial to your business! Trade Shows are the best place to […]

Selling Printed Products in the Philippine Market Today!

Selling printed products is a profitable and fun business, especially in the Philippines! Imagine sharing this business or hobby to your friends, business associates, team, organizations, and large companies. What you need to start is really quite SIMPLE! 1. Look for the right Heat Press! Selling custom printed products can’t happen if you don’t have […]