Epson SC F6330 Dye Sublimation Printer Philippines

Introducing the all-new Epson SC – F6330 Dye Sublimation Printer will soon be available only at Tees and Prints. Having been developed for textile producers, photographic studios and promotional goods businesses, the SC-F6330 offers improved user productivity and reduced downtime. Enhanced Workflow and Productivity Streamline your workflow and maximize productivity with the high-performance SureColor F6330 […]

How to Make Money 3D Printing

Everyone wants a fast turnaround. But not everyone is willing to do the work. If you want to stand out and be proud of the effort you put into your projects, then we’ve got an offer for you. 3D printing is a lucrative, customization market that’s available for business all year round. With a low […]

Cameo VS Maker

THE HEAD-TO-HEAD COMPARISON WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR We’ve heard it all before. What’s the better machine? Do I really need this machine? What can this do that the other can’t? Well in this comparison, we’re going deeper into the questions and answering all of them, to find out once and for all, what’s the […]

Tees and Prints’ Flash Summer Sale!

Get the purest tints out of your inks with our exquisite EPSON desktop printers, perfect for start-up enthusiasts. Paired with our premium Hansol pigment and sublimation inks, you can expect only the best colors from our bundles. Cut with amazing precision and incredible speeds with our various desktop cutters. Choose the right size that fits […]

Why Invest on an Epson SC- F2130 Direct to Garment Printer

Why Invest on a DTG Printer Epson SC F2130 Direct to Garment Printing Direct to Garment printing is about to launch a revolution in commercial t-shirt printing in the Philippines. DTG printing is a necessary technology that can be used to satisfy customer demand, now and in the near future, of high-quality textile printing. Consumers want […]