Transfer Papers – 3G Opaque and JetPro SoftStretch Philippines

Transfer Papers – 3G Opaque and JetPro SoftStretch Philippines Performance-Driven Distinction Neenah Performance Materials is a leader in delivering high performance products, offering outstanding durability, printability, conformability, appearance, and other distinct attributes. Our team delivers best-in-class research, technology, and problem solving capabilities. Our expertise in saturation was built on our knowledge and experience in the […]

Mimaki CG-SRlll Series Philippines

Mimaki CG-SRlll Series Philippines Main Features A best-in-class cutting pressure of 500g for a wider range of materials Up to 2 times the curve cutting speed increases productivity Event Notification function for remote monitoring – Plot start/end, error/warning message Continuous Crop Mark Detection for precise stickers and seals. New Segment Compensation, which detects intermediate crop […]


Altus CutLite Review Philippines

ALTUS CUTLITE REVIEW PHILIPPINES Altus CutLite is the latest addition to our line of our Trusted Cutter Plotter brands. Altus CutLite Series is considered as a high quality yet affordable choice for professional sign and personalised apparels.With its remastered cutting speed and upgraded cutting force, CutLite is a perfect tool for a variety of cutting and […]

cameo perfect for scrapbookers

Silhouette Cameo for Crafting

The New Silhouette Cameo – Perfect For Scrapbooking Silhouette Cameo Philippines The New Silhouette Cameo is a perfect tool for scrapbookers to create custom shapes, letters for page titles, etc. The fact that it will range 12″ wide is essential for scrapbookers who want to create elements to stretch the full length of 12″ x […]

Max Armour Heat Press Machine – Auto Open

Max Armour Heat Press Machine Our New MaxArmour Predator Auto Open™ 2016 Heat Press Machine is our latest release on our MaxArmour product line. It has one of the most advanced security & technical features sold locally in the Philippines. Built for Multi-tasking and has a magnetic auto-open feature that prevents over application / scorching […]