Stahls Silicone 3D 500 Philippines

Stahls Silicone 3D 500 Philippines Stahls Cad-Cut – Silicone 3D 500 Philippines The “Silicone 3D-500” is 500 microns thick and is a durable silicone material with a matte finish and soft touch. This unique 3D look enhances any fashion wear. Recommended Fabrics 100% cotton 100% polyester* Poly/cotton blends. You should always test cut prior to […]

Foteco Screen Emulsion Philippines

Foteco Screen Emulsion Philippines FOTEC is a brand of Saati focused on screenprinting chemicals. The range of products includes all screen process stencil materials: emulsions and capillary films, computer-to-screen emulsions, all chemicals for mesh preparation, stencil and ghost image removal, and even for “old style” technicians FOTEC presents masking and hand-cut films. High quality standards […]

WunderBoard HD Photo Panel

Wunderboard HDPhoto Panel. High Definition Aluminium Photo Panels WunderBoard aluminium sublimation panels are designed to showcase fine art high definition photo prints with the most brilliant colours, highest dynamic range and best contrasts of all available printing technologies. In contrast to normal direct flatbed printing on composite materials, WunderBoard is a sublimation board, the photos […]

Tees and Prints We Deliver

Reliable T Shirt Printing Business Supplier

Whether you’re just starting a t-shirt business or you’re already an old-hand, you’ll find all the t-shirt printing equipment you need online from tees&prints™, your reliable t shirt printing business supplier in the Philippines. We sell top of the line products like Screen Printing Rotary Machines, the most cost efficient and versatile screen printing process. […]


Guide How To Start An Online T-Shirt Business

For many entrepreneurs, starting an online t-shirt brand is a great and inexpensive way to start an online business, whether it’s your first, second, or tenth business. The t-shirt is a staple in casual wear and has been universally accepted by both men and women the last few decades. Not only are they a classic […]