Epson SC-F9430H Dye Sublimation Printer Philippines

Introducing the SC-F9430H Dye Sublimation Printer Philippines

#Epson has announced the launch of its new 64-inch, dye-sublimation printers, the #SCF9430 and #SCF9430H digital textile printers. The printers have been developed to deliver outstanding quality and high-volume printing, for sports apparels, fashion apparel, home decorations, outdoor signage as well as other printed merchandise. The SC-F9430H offers businesses the option of printing with two genuine fluorescent ink solutions (yellow and pink) which can be used to create a wide range of bright, vivid colors for the production of sportswear, workwear, and fashion items.

The Epson SC-F9430H Dye Sublimation Printer Philippines series is an evolution of trusted Epson print technology and provides enhanced quality while sustaining productivity and reliability. The total end-to-end Epson SolutionWhen you buy the SC-F9430H it’s reassuring to know that we provide you with expertise from start to high-quality finish: printer, inks, media, software, and support… all working in harmony.Fluorescent Inks for Vivid Imaginations.

For ambitious businesses that are looking to expand their current offering, genuine fluorescent yellow and pink inks have been added alongside the CMYK range, to help you stand out from the crowd.

Myriad Colours. The expanded library of colors offers great creative possibilities. Epson Edge Print software includes a Colour Library Printing function that can be easily installed into Adobe’s Creative Suite applications, so you can push your creativity to the limit using the wide color gamut.

Key Features.

Genuine fluorescent ink solution: Yellow and pink fluorescent inks

UltraChrome DS inks: For bright, colorful, durable and accurate prints

Faster printing: Print speeds of up to 108.6m²/h

The complete solution: Epson printer, inks, paper and software designed to work in harmony.

Improved reliability: Minimise head strike and cockling to maximize uptime

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Epson SC-F9430H