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T-Shirt Printing Business Premium Package

T-Shirt Printing Business Premium Package

  • Purchasing You First Heat Press Machine –

Quality Heat Press Machine plays a very important role in T-shirt Printing Business.In the t-shirt print industry, it does take more than just slapping your logo on a t-shirt. Design plays a big role in your success too. It should be compelling enough that people would want to wear it. Remember that your printed t-shirt is a walking billboard and advertisement!

Here’s what you should consider if you want to pursue your t-shirt print business in the Philippines:

  • What heat press machine should you purchase?
  • Who should work for you?
  • What do you need to make your brand stand out?
  • Marketing and retail pricing

When Purchasing your first Heat Press Machine, always consider the quality of the press. Not all heat press machines has the same quality output, always consider purchasing a quality and heavy duty heat press machines. Problems could arise during production when you encounter cold spots, ghosting and other printing errors. Always check if the heat press you are about to buy has equal heat and pressure. You might also want to check with your supplier regarding the warranty and after sales service.

Brands that we have tested that has awesome technical support, parts availability, quality output and equal heat and press are Stahls’ Hotronix by Stahls USA, MaxArmour HD Auto Open and Riley Heat Press Machines. These machines can outperform other brands on reliability, efficiency and output quality. Not all heat press machines can perform Sublimation Printing thats why it is always important to choose quality heat press machines. There are also types of heat transfer films / vinyls that are very sensitive to heat and requires a specific temperature to be durable. Branded heat press machines are also safe to use. Any of these more versatile machines will cost a little more at point of purchase but it’s better to pay more up front for the right equipment than pay more daily in lost production, ruined shirts, or lost sales.

Things to Look When Buying Your First Heat Press Machine

1.) Consistent and Continuous Distribution of Heat – A heat press machine without consistent and continuous heat could lead to Cold Spots, Ghosting and other technical problems on the output. Washability of your designs like heat transfer papers and vinyls may peel – off easily during laundry. Fading also occurs if your design is not cured properly under recommended heat and pressure. Credibility of your business can be seriously affected when your clients received low quality print outputs.

2.) Equal Pressure – Pressure plays a vital role in T-shirt printing, uneven pressure could negatively affect your print out put. Same as heat press machines without consistent heat, your output could be easily wash off during laundry. Lost Production is Loss Profit.

3.) Technical Support  – Your Supplier should have technical support team to assist you with your technical concerns from File / Artwork Editing – Printing – Pressing and Troubleshooting. Wrong and Inaccurate technical info can cost you your business. Ruined shirts = Lost Profit.

These are the few things you need to look at before buying your first heat press machine. There are heaps of things you should consider when buying and that it is best to research extensively before investing your hard earned money. You can check out this article for more info : T-shirt Printing in the Philippines


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T-Shirt Printing Business Premium Package

The T-Shirt Printing Business Premium Package is the package of choice in order to create customized/personalized print products from custom printed t-shirts/jerseys/jackets, indoor & outdoor stickers, store signage, mugs, posters, and many more. Limited only to your creativity & imagination. Print&Press on anything that you can fit into the Heat Press machine or Mug Press. Print&Cut stickers and decals for laptops, tablets or go large and cover an entire wall, cars or even a bus.

Package includes:

  • STAHLS’ MightyPress: 15″ x 15″ High Pressure Heat Press
  • Altus Cutlite PRO: 24″ High Precision Contour Cutter Plotter
  • EPSON L120: Scanner-Copier-Pigment Printer
  • Digital Mug Press Machine
  • plus Freebies!

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