turkish proverbs with persian translation

One misfortune is better (teaches more) than one thousand pieces of advice. He himself was unwelcome, and then he brought a friend along. What the thief stole has always been called expensive. – from Persian آش  which refers to a heavy noodle soup in Iran and Afghanistan, but to a rice pilav with carrots and lamb meet in Tajikistan where the word is also used to refer to “food” in general. If the Sultan demands five eggs, let his soldiers roast a thousand chickens. Their analysis shows that sex and semantic derogation are not shown in Persian structures and proverbs as much as other languages, but in the cases with semantic derogation, the metaphorical meanings of the female proverbs connote worse qualities than those connoted by the male proverbs. The wealth of a wealthy man is in his safe, the wealth of a scholar is in his head. (MY 235), Aşığı sevdadan geçirmeye say, deryayı kurutmaya say gibidir. How to say Proverbs in Persian. They asked the bald man: “Have you washed yourself?” he said “I am washed and combed as well.”. He who tells the truth is chased out of nine villages. 6) with a language, you can go to rome. A sword in the hands of a drunken slave is less dangerous than science in the hands of the immoral. One must love a beauty for her own sake, but an ugly girl for God’s sake. (MY 149), Keseye daniş, pazarlığa sonra giriş. (What is tiring to one can be restful to another.). He who doesn’t go to war roars like a lion. One single proverb is worth a thousand pieces of advice. Select also Hebrew, Greek, Albanian, Arabic, Turkish, and German Select also Hebrew, Greek, Albanian, Arabic, Turkish, and German This page does not show because your browser does not support frames. Conversation without proverbs is like food without salt. – from Arabic زلزلة  zalzala, though nowadays زلزال  zalzāl is used, – from Arabic  راضٍ  rāḍin (same meaning). Easily find the right translation for Proverbs from English to Turkish submitted and enhanced by our users. He who sits waiting for his neighbor will go to bed hungry. He who has seen the moon has no regard for the stars. Turkish. Short but inspirational. (MY 122), Dünyayı sel bassa ördeğe vız gelir. Work is twice done by the man in a hurry. The hare was angry with the mountain but the mountain was unaware of it. The lucky thrown into the sea will come out with a fish in his mouth. There is nothing that will not suit a beautiful woman. (MY 314), “Bal bal” demekle ağız tatlı olmaz. (MY 9), Bir avuç altının olacağına bir avuç toprağın olsun. I’ve never felt that I use (or even know) many proverbs in English, but Iranians tend to toss Persian proverbs around in everyday conversation. The big drum only sounds well from a distance. Do not cry for the dead but for the living. – from Arabic نصيحة  naṣīḥa (same meaning), – musibet = misfortune, calamity, disaster, – from Arabic مصيبة  muṣība (same meaning). (MY 147), “Bilmem” demek çok türlü kaza savar. Write kindness in marble and write injuries in the dust. A vinegar seller with a smiling face earns more money than a honey seller with a sour face. (MY 32), Yüzü güzele kırk günde doyulur, huyu güzele kırk yılda doyulmaz. You can translate text and letters from Turkish to Persian and from Persian to Turkish back. You have grown as big as a camel, but you do not have the honor of its ears. Explanations: Croatian, English #1, #2. As the wise man looks for a bridge the fool crosses the river. He doesn’t know where the entrance to the mosque is but he acts as if he were pious. Whoever doesn’t give milk like a cow will plow like an ox. “That smells bad”, said the cat about meat that it cannot reach. – from Arabic طالع  ṭāli‘ (star of destiny). (MY 320), Benim sakalım tutuştu, sen sigaranı yakmak istersin. Best and Famous Persian (Dari ) Proverbs With English Translation. – from Persian سرمايه  (sarmāye) (from “sar” = “head”; “māye” = “matter, substance”). (A person’s friends or family don’t know his real troubles). For an ant to have wings would be his undoing. Adjective Conjunctions; Abstractions; Comparative; Superlative; Demonstratives. This Persian to Turkish-language translator software is a useful program that will help you to translate the word and text as well as from Persian to Turkish and vice versa. Beauty is not something you can spread on a slice of bread and eat. One cup of coffee forty years of friendship. (MY 47), Çocuk ekmeği dolapta bitiyor sanır. What makes a tree look beautiful is its leaves. here are some turkish proverbs ...although a lot are in a universal idiom still there are many that are unique to Turkish thinking Okuz altinda buzagi aranmaz.

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