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What You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Heat Press Machine

Personalized T-Shirt Printing is a Very Rewarding Business!


And nothing can be easier when using a Digital Heat Press Machine. Our Heat Press Machines are very user-friendly and great for:

  • Inkjet Heat Transfer
  • Laser Heat Transfer
  • Sublimation Heat Transfers
  • Vinyl Lettering and Graphics
  • Silk Screen (Plastisol) Transfers
  • Rhinestone Application
  • And much more

How To Do It In Three (3) Simple Steps:

  1. Create, design or grab an image from your computer, digital camera or cell phone
  2. Turn on your printer using a specially-formulated Dye, Pigment or Sublimation Ink
  3. Print the image using a Heat Transfer Paper or Sublimation Paper (these are papers designed for t-shirt printing)

When Purchasing your first Heat Press Machine, always consider the quality of the press. Not all heat press machines has the same quality output, always consider purchasing a quality and heavy duty heat press machines. Problems could arise during production when you encounter cold spots, ghosting and other printing errors. Always check if the heat press you are about to buy has equal heat and pressure. You might also want to check with your supplier regarding the warranty and after sales service.

Brands that we have tested that has awesome technical support, parts availability, quality output and equal heat and press are Stahls’ Hotronix by Stahls USA, MaxArmour HD Auto Open and Riley Heat Press Machines. These machines can outperform other brands on reliability, efficiency and output quality. Not all heat press machines can perform Sublimation Printing thats why it is always important to choose quality heat press machines. There are also types of heat transfer films / vinyls that are very sensitive to heat and requires a specific temperature to be durable. Branded heat press machines are also safe to use.

You can always start with just a quality Heat Press Machine and a printer. It is also recommended that you purchase a Cutter Plotter w/c cuts  heat thermal films and heat transfer papers. You can also use a cutter plotter for  car stickers and signs. Return of Investment is faster when you invest on a cutter plotter. You can choose from A3 – 48″ size depends on the market you want to capture. We recommend brands like our Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Curio, Altus CutLite 24″, Skära Pro, Graphtec Ce-6000 and Mimaki CG-SR III. Just like how you would choose your first heat press, always check the quality, spare parts availability, after sales technical support, repair and maintenance and if they are authorized re-sellers or distributors – black market resellers can not ask for warranty on local authorized distributors.

The fact that there are over 7 Billion people on planet earth means that there is indeed a very large market for the t-shirt industry. For instance; if everybody in the world owned a t-shirt or more, then bottom line is that it could interpret as over21 billion t-shirt users. The current population of the Philippines is 102,659,976 as of Saturday, October 8, 2016, based on the latest United Nations estimates. In the Philippines alone, T-shirt Printing is a booming business.

Majority of us Filipinos love t-shirts and we love it with designs may it be screen printed using water based or plastisol, direct to garment, heat transfer papers, heat transfer foil and vinyls, embroidered and dye sublimation. There are other types of printing process but mentioned are just those top printing applications used by majority of printers.

Here in the Philippines, you can market to virtually anywhere. Because the technology is DIGITAL, you can produce PERSONALIZED output. You can heat press your design to any fabric or other printable product. We will teach you how to do this.

We provide free hands on training from basic to advance editing and production. Tees and Prints Heat Press Machines are used to imprint designs on fabrics, baseball caps, mugs, plates, jigsaw puzzles,tote bags, tiles, mugs and other products.

Some tips where you can market this – corporate give-away, personal use (imagine having your own design on your shirt?), home business, school uniforms, campaign shirts, group shirts, frat shirts, concert tees, shirt for a cause , religious organization, sports team shirts, couple shirts, family shirts (ideal for family reunions) and a lot more.

Below are costing examples so you get a better view of what you can potentially earn:




Selling 100 pieces of shirts is very easy nowadays! How?

  • How many friends you got on Facebook , Instagram or Tweeter? Posting and tagging in Facebook is just one click away!
  • How about your neighbours?
  • How many relatives you have here and abroad?
  • Do you know of any Clubs or Organisation that might be interested?
  • Do you know someone who is in a band? They love printed tees !!!
  • How about your team shirts in school or office?
  • How about upcoming reunions or social gatherings? Im sure you need one.
  • How about printing for a cause?
  • How about giving your loved ones their shirts?
  • How about your BOSS or your marketing/purchasing department?
  • More people look for presents, gifts or give-away’s everyday.

Aside from T-shirts, you can also sell personalized stickers, bag tags, coffee mugs, plates, beer mugs, shot glasses, caps and a lot more. Limitless Opportunities!

No immediate need to open your own store, you can start selling right away thru online marketing TO SELL at least 200 shirts per month. There is a lot of things you can do with this machine. It is so easy to use and guess what, we already gave you heaps of tips on how to earn!

We conduct free hands on training, remote access technical support, cost and profit analysis and free business consultation.

TREAT yourself every deal you close! Of course Get your MOM and DAD their couple shirts, your sister’s bf or your brother’s gf or your friends or even your boss!! THINK OF THEM AS YOUR WALKING ADVERTISEMENT!! 🙂

Tees and Prints ONLY sells branded U.S. Transfer Paper Made by Neenah U.S.A. All designs are guaranteed to last longer and is safer to use compared to low end papers. We also sell different types of heat transfer vinyls ( Thermal Films ) and all are safe to use as we only import our products from well respected factories and manufactures in South Korea, Mainland China and USA. Brands we carry for our Thermal Films of Heat Transfer Vinyls for Tees are Stahls’ Cad-Cut, Stahls’ Cad-Color, Minseo Korea, Altus EasyPeel and Chemica.

We will Provide you with all the sample cost/profit analysis for each product like t-shirts, mugs, caps, plates and many more. We only provide it to those who purchased our machine and is downloadable to our website only. We also provide printed cost/profit analysis upon purchase in our shops.


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Sample Print Using Our Large Format Heat Press Machine and Printer

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