Why Invest on an Epson SC- F2130 Direct to Garment Printer

Why Invest on a DTG Printer Epson SC F2130 Direct to Garment Printing

  1. Direct to Garment printing is about to launch a revolution in commercial t-shirt printing in the Philippines.
  2. DTG printing is a necessary technology that can be used to satisfy customer demand, now and in the near future, of high-quality textile printing.
  3. Consumers want better artwork, unlimited colors, brighter, and more vibrant prints than ever before due to high-resolution cameras.
  4. Ideal for low-volume jobs that 99% of screen printing shops cannot serve.
  5. You can accept high-resolution photographic designs with NO MINIMUM QUANTITY.
  6. There is NO NEED to make multiple sets of screens when printing multiple colors.
  7. There is NO NEED to make multiple sets of screens when printing multiple sizes.
  8. Screen Printing has color limitations, DTG printing no color limitations, and has better profit opportunities.
  9. When working with limited shop space, or if trying to make the equipment fit in a smaller shop setup, the F2130 DTG printer allows for better utilization of the space.
  10. In addition to the chemicals used in screen printing, inks, and additives, in order to achieve that “no-touch” or “soft hand” feel on dark garments, a process called discharging is often required. Discharge additive is one of the more corrosive agents used in screen printing. This additive is not intended for children’s wear and uses a concentrated formaldehyde powder mixed into the inks which literally bleaches out whatever dyes or colors are in the fabrics.  With the advancement of technology, this is not necessary with the F2130, which is able to print on all colored garments.Exclusively available in the Philippines at Tees and Prints



Innovation in Printing
Epson develops innovations such as our PrecisionCore technology and UltraChromeTM Direct-to-Garment ink technology into our printer to deliver precision of the highest quality.

PrecisionCore Technology
Print graphics up to 1,440 x 720dpi for amazing quality that truly complements your design. The technology behind PrecisionCore encompasses a precise dot control to create images with outstanding clarity and sharpness on the garments.

Epson UltraChrome Direct-To-Garment Technology
Print directly onto fabric products with Epson UltraChrome DG ink to achieve accurate and bright colors with an outstanding finish. The ink has been specially formulated with high-dispersion ink technology that helps to reduce white ink sedimentation to give it a very natural white colour. The high-density ink allows prints to be of unmatched stunning quality, even on colored garments. The water-based pigment is durable and washable as prints achieved scores of 4.0 or higher on industry standard AATCC wash test and are certified to be safe for adults and children, including babies, in accordance with ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®.

Easy Garment Setting
The SC-F2130 is easy to operate with minimal training required for the user. The fabric is easily loaded onto the platen and the height adjustment allows easy garment loading and adjustments according to the different needs.

Intuitive Garment Creator Software
With Epson’s intuitive Garment Creator software, it is easy for users to use and navigate through the interface to design, edit and customize designs for production. The software allows users to save their predefined color management and layout controls to deliver consistently great results.

Commercial-grade Reliability
All components on the SC-F2130 are designed and built by Epson to ensure that the technology works cohesively to produce exceptional prints time and time again. The PrecisionCore print chip is ideal for printing with direct-to-garment ink chemistry and it is co-developed with the Epson UltraChrome DG ink technology to achieve extreme reliability.

Maximize Uptime and Productivity
The SC-F2130 is equipped with an advanced automated maintenance design that includes the use of a cleaning cartridge that will automatically clean the printhead cap to ensure that it is perpetually clean. Meanwhile, the white ink circulation system comes with an inline white ink filter to ensure better performance and reliability.

Exceptional Productivity
Engineered to meet the needs of garment printing businesses, the SC-F2130 can print a t-shirt in just 9 seconds*, because of its PrecisionCore TFP printhead.

Enabling Creativity Through Outstanding Performance.

Expect true garment printing reliability with SureColor™ SC-F2130 direct-to-garment printer. Equipped with PrecisionCore™ printhead technology, teamed with an automated maintenance design, the SC-F2130 brings efficiency and quality that are unmatched. Easy to use, with a quick turnaround, the printer increases your overall production, without compromising on quality.

    • Print up to 25mm thick t-shirts
    • Epson PrecisionCore printhead technology
    • Advanced automated maintenance design
    • Oeko-Tex ECO PASSPORT certification